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All products of Life4D are developed and packaged by RITI Technology Inc. ( eng.riti.com.tw) which was founded in 1992, is a leading technical service, software engineering and application service provider (ASP) company based in Taiwan.It specializes in the development and application of information technologies related to management, analysis, presentation and visualization of spatial and location-based information. P.H.Sun Foundation for Information Technology (http://www.sfit.org.tw/) vigorously promotes Life4D in the field of public service.It has been dedicated to the promotion of all activities associated with modern information technology and its applications, hoping to provide the public with an understanding of information technology that will lead to improve their quality of life.

Trend-go.com Inc. is a general agency of Life4D in Taiwan. It has accumulated more than 10 years of GIS expertise and experience, transforming into a wider range of customers for service to the Taiwan electronic map (www.map.com.tw) web-based service, to provide accurate and effective information.

In order to extend more electronic map application, Trend-go.com Inc. launched another web site based on more interesting element of the Map (www.trend-go.com) in June 2010. For example, "Search of the rich" drew a lot of media attention of media. Almost at the same time, it launched an exclusive, commercial GIS applications wisdom Area Analysis Services Network (www.smrgeo.com.tw). Smrgeo has been very popular for enterprise users. More importantly, except web services, Trend-go.com Inc. is developing APP (iOS & Android) to meet smartphone user’s needs.

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